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Founded in 2013, the Austria Auction Company (AAC) regularly conducts auctions of high quality antique Oriental rugs, contemporary and modern art. After more than 40 successful auctions, AAC has established itself among the top auction houses in the international marketplace.

Our auction house is located in the beautiful Palais Breuner, in the heart of the city at Singerstrasse 16, 1010 Vienna. You are welcome to place your bids in person; by phone; with written bids; or live on the internet through,, and

We want to thank those who have entrusted their art pieces to us for their confidence and support. Without them our success would not have been possible.

Should you decide to sell a painting, carpet or another piece of art, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will take care of your objects securely, discreetly, and successfully.

Please note that AAC will not charge you if your pieces remain unsold.

Udo Langauer

Our team:
Udo Langauer
Elisabeth Langauer
Martin Langauer
Florian Scheed

Lorenz Estermann
Expert Paintings: Erich Gabriel
Expert Oriental Rugs: Udo Langauer